Psí vojáci

The central point of this band coming from Prague is created by a singer, songwriter and lyricist Filip Topol. Psí vojáci recently celebrated 20 years of their career facing sold out hall of Prague presitigious scene Lucerna. They performed for the first time in 1979 at legendary festival Prague Jazz Days (the band members were hardly over 13) and immediately became registred by Czechoslovakian secret police. The band wasn't allowed to perform oficially, so it appeared only at private underground events. Throughout several years the band's style as well as line up has been changing. In the beginning the band cooperated with Filip's brother Jáchym, who is a writer and lyricist, Filip himself started to write the lyricslater on. Since the middle of the 80s the band has performed under a moniker P.V.O. (Psí vojáci osobně) and Prague Juniorklub Na Chmelnici (today Palác Akropolis) became their home scene. After the democratic changes in Czechoslovakia in 1989 Psí vojáci became favourite band of a local club scene and local festivals. Besides that they toured in Hungary, Austria, Germany and performed at foreign festivals (Eurorock in Belgium with Jesus And Mary Chain) or France (Belfort with Carlos Santana). Band's songs were used in several movies (e.g. Žiletky directed by Zdeněk Tyc with Filip Topol appearing in the role of the main character), and worked on scenic music for various theatre plays. Music of Psí vojáci has its roots in the world underground and it's marked by romantic composers of the second half of the 18th century.

Filip Topol occassionally performs alone, just with his piano, playing and singing material of his solo albums, which represent his most internal world.


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