The band called DVA set off on a tour promoting the album Fonók, which was published in the fall 2008 and now it obtained the nomination for the Anděl award in the genre category of alternative music. The band started their tour with the concert in the Průvan festival in Slaný on 13 February and in Bratislava club A4 on the following day.  The two-member band of Mr. and Mrs. Kratochvíl has live accompaniment of two women DJs called 2M, who add the final touch to the atmosphere of concerts with the help of an overhead projector, screen and a battery of pieces of paper, clippings, markers and colored foils. DVA have their own style, named by them “folklore of non-existent nations”, in which they combine seemingly inconsistent elements such as chanson, disco, beatbox or freakfolk songs. The lyrics are written in fictitious languages, in their sound and intonation reminding of various world languages. The concerts take place in thirty venues in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. DVA’s sound is original, and they present their own image of future pop music. Therefore is it not surprising Fonók is successful also beyond the borders of the CR, which is evidenced by a growing number of concerts abroad. The distribution of the album shall start in Poland, Japan, Germany, and Benelux in the spring 2009, talks being led in England, too. The international success is supported with the fact that the album was produced by Jayrope from Berlin, known for co-operation with stars like Atari Teenage Riot, Rechenzentrum or Arto Lindsay.

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13/2      Slaný
14/2      Bratislava (SK)
19/2      Trutnov
20/2      Lysá nad Labem
24/2      Liberec
28/2      Katowice (PL)
7/3        Česká Lípa
9/3        Praha
13/3      Praha
19/3      Olomouc
21/3      České Budějovice
27/3      Kunov (SK)
28/3      Trencin (SK)
4/4        Náhořany
17/4      Kopřivnice
18/4      Holešov
19/4      Poznaň (PL)
20/4      Plzeň
24/4      Berlín (DE)
25/4      Wroclaw (PL)
26/4      Praha
29/4      Brno
30/4      Cziesyn (PL)
1/5        Karviná
8/5        TRONDHEIM / Norway
9/5        TRONDHEIM / Norway
15/5      Trnávka
30/5      Horn (AT)
19/6      Veselí nad Moravou
20/6      Praha

27/6    Lärz(DE)
28/6    Berlin, Germany
25/7    Luž u Chrudimi
1/8      Tasov
14/8    Smržovka


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