Promo interview with Václav (Nuck Chorris Gang) – february 2008

fotkaNuck Chorris Gang is a bit untypical combination of rap, hip-hop, blues, rock and mystification. How it happened?

To be honest, people from Indies Records brought us together. Few people willing to experiment and combine something unexpected has come together. Mystification was added so that we wouldn´t sink into seriousness, which is so trypical for Czech rap music.

And why the character of Nuck Chorris?

I have no idea. It could have been Mee Bája Gang or Maldemar Vatuška Gang, but we let the great personel of Nuck Chorris to be born. With him, we tour Czech clubs and festivals, we tune karate atmosphere and releave tensions between us and audience.

What about a response of audiences to Nuck character? Are they capable to join the game?

Beginners don´t probably know what to think about us. They hasitate saying „Is he serious? What the hell is he talking about?“. Those experienced in karate knows the grips attacking them and transform them into a smile. Listeners have to deserve the stories of Nuck Chorris life and the only way how to deserve them is a cooperation. Have a good time with us, jump with us, sing with us, that´s the only way to discover a piece of Nuck Chorris in yourself. We don´t force the audience to play our game, everyone has a right of choice whether he or she accepts the Technique of Torn off Rowan´s Talon as his or her own or not …

The band has been recording new album for more than half a year and the final mix has been done by Escon Waldes. How complicated was process of recording?

Base material has been recorded at Broněk Šmíd´s Indies Studio. He helped us a lot with recording and put a lot of hard work in it. Respect! Vocals have been recorded at a wardrobe in our home  and complete raw material was sent to five selected people. Each of them mixed two songs and we chose Escon, afterwards. All the mixes were really great, but Escon was above all the others. When I was listening to his mixes, I imagined him in a space ship on the Orbit, dressed in retro style space suit wresting the buttons and engineering our sound. He is a pro from A to Z. Respect!

You have lot of guests on your record. How many percents make the samples or are all of instruments „live“?

There are no samples on the record at all. We don´t want to bind ourselves by playing some CD and sticking to some player during our live shows. All the instruments were recorded live by people made of  flash and blood, who loves karate and blues.

What about responses of hip-hop fans? Blues guitar, disrespect to hip-hop scene and the other aspects of your music could be a very hard thing for them to swallow.

I wouldn´t say there is some disrespect or hard things to swallow. Orthodox hip-hoppers could be irritated by the record, especially because of the lyrics, since they are not the same as what they are used to listen to. There are five issues repeated over and over again. Somebody raps, he used to be nothing, now he has everything and everyone envy him. On the other hand, this trend is still weaker, kids are growing and they won´t be satisfied with today´s standards in few months. One never find so much energy in samples as one can find in guitar and it´s only a guestion of time when the musicians will get it. However, not all the hip-hoppers are the same and I think Czech hip-hop scene is not so much orthodox as it might look like  .

Sound of the record differs from your live shows, for example thanks to the guest musicians. Are you not affraid this fact is going to be a point of critique for live show audiences? In „I heard your record, really big ansamble and you just cracking guitars and microphines, here“ kind of way?

We wanted to record the material in a slightly different way from the beginning. We wanted it to be more sophisticated, to invite musicians we like and respect, to show the other and more colourfull face of Nuck Chorris to listeners. Anyway, I´m not affraid of critique from audiences at all. Nuck Chorris Gang can produce a bloody noise in five people as well as with a stage full of various instruments. We would like to invite our guests to some of live shows, but we are gonig to crack most of them in five people. Yeeah.

A wild stage show could be seen at your concerts. Are you planning something special for the tour promoting the new record?

We have lots of specialities and delicatessen for our fans. Prepare for a wild and crazy ride 

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