New EP by MYDY


In the living room, everybody hands up! MYDY release quarantine EP full of cover versions of their own songs.


How to make up to the fans for canceled shows and stay active during very unpleasant era? Prague band MYDY spent some time of a Spring quarantine in studio, working on old material with brand new clothes. Nèro Scartch, the band’s keyboardist and composer, explains: “Originally it was a concept of live videos for our YouTube subscribers. But then we realised that it would be great if our fans could listen to the song anytime and anywhere they want.” Five new recordings of MYDY songs in the way you’ve never experienced are now available on streaming platforms as COVID SESSIONS: LIVE IN QUARANTINE.


In March, when all six band members met in their rehearsal room, they didn’t know that the work on their new release is slowly beginning. The idea originated on the fly. “There wasn’t left much to do. Then we got an idea that we could try to play NUMBERS acoustic way like we tried during recording sessions of NUMBERS album. We just drew up some basic form of the song and then put it all together and recorded with a few mics in the flesh.” remembers Scartch. The anthem about the world powered by numbers and ridiculous measurements NUMBERS, which has been released last year with a music video, was the first swallow of MYDY’s quarantine activities.


“We wanted to spend the time creatively and to stay in touch with our fans and each other.” says singer Zofie Darbujanova. From March to May there were new original cover versions appearing on band’s YouTube channel. Then the recordings got mastered and EP COVID SESSIONS: LIVE IN QUARANTINE arose. Novelty moves the former songs to whole different directions: from eighties synthpop to country, reggae and rock’n’roll.


Whereas last two records of MYDY were based od pompous production, colourful neon visuals and stadium choruses, the quarantine EP got opposite direction. “This time, we wanted the songs to be more rough so it demonstrates the main idea: six isolated friends came to play to have a joy after a long time.” adds Scartch. Sixteen-minute result can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms.


After quarantine amusements, the former members Zofie Darbujanova, Mikulas Pejcha, Nèro Scartch and Johnny D. have focused on writing new material and played a few festival shows within Czech Republic. “When we were back on stage, it was really beautiful to realise how much we love what we do. It only took stepping on a wet ground at our backstage and hearing loud sound checks from stage to feel delighted.” says Zofie.



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