Kafka Band: Jiu Jitsu Frau (VIDEO)


The Kafka Band created a new music video for the song Jiu Jitsu Frau. It was filmed by director Tereza Srbová, who also played the lead role together with dancer and actor David Bosh. The song comes from the album Amerika (Indies Scope, 2019), inspired by the eponymous fragment by the writer Franz Kafka. It was filmed in June on the roof of Prague's Lucerna Palace.

Album Amerika: http://bit.ly/2GaGqgZ

"Perhaps for the first time in modern literature, figures of strong, independent, confident women appear in Kafka's America. Karel Rossmann, the hero of the book, also meets one of them. Klára fascinates him. When he tries to approach her, he finds out  that, unlike him, she masters jiu-jitsu well. The flirt turns into a rough game full of seduction, aggression, violence, darkness, but also strange humor," says writer and singer Jaroslav Rudiš from Kafka Band, who wrote the lyrics together with the German album producer Alexander Riemenschneider. As a theater director at the theater in Bremen, he is behind the successful productions based on Kafka's novels Castle and America, in which the Kafka Band performed.

The album Amerika was released by the Kafka Band in the spring of 2019 as the second album in a planned trilogy. After the first more or less acoustic recording of Zámek (2014), the band moved to their current sound in Amerika. Jaromír 99 brought the song Jiu Jitsu Frau to the rehearsal room. “It was such fine Swedish pop. Alexander took it and transferred it to Germany. The song darkened and roughened and sucked in a lot of the German new wave," says the singer of the band Jaromír 99.

The Kafka Band has released three videos from the latest album Amerika, including a 3D music video of the song People Get Lost. But only the fourth video is without animation and with actors. "Kafka's America is a story of great loneliness. In our music video, a young couple meets on a roof over Prague. Their relationship is filled with loneliness and a strange isolation and inability to communicate with each other. They try  to bridge it with a strange game and bizarre experiences. Their shadows attract them more than words," says Tereza Srbová, who last starred as an actress in one of the main roles in Trevor Nunn's spy drama, Red Joan, alongside Judi Dench. She was discovered for the film by David Cronenberg in Eastern Promises. As a director, she made music videos for the bands Priessnitz and Umakart, among others.

Her main cameraman for both bands’ music videos, as well as for Jiu Jitsu Frau, was Jan Baset Střítežský, who collaborated with Jaromír 99 and Jaroslav Rudiš on filming their cult comic book Alois Nebel. He was also behind the camera in the films Fair Play or Díra u Hanušovic. The production design of the music video was by Olo Křížová, edited by Marek Myšička.


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