Autumn Titles 2017 / Editorial Plan


Our Autumn offer of the albums of 2017 is here! Nine titles will complete eight recordings released in the first half of the year over the next two months. In addition, you can look forward to new singles from bands such as Ghost of You, Mydy Rabycad, BraAgas and others. And this extraordinary Autumn will also be spiced up by the further distribution of titles such as the brand new Vitajte (15/09) by the Brno legend, Ventolin.



Band of Heysek - Shovel & Mattock

Release date: 14 September 2017

The dirtiest blues-rock on the contemporary Czech music scene is the trio Band of Heysek from Brno. Their debut, Shovel & Mattock, has the sensuousness fingerprints and rawness of blues-rock, a dose of improvisation, with all the “dirt” and imperfections. The trio, with frontman Jan Švihálek (also Hoochie Coochie Band), was founded by the members of the now-not-existing rap-blues project, Nuck Chorris Gang. Their new project, Band of Heysek, is less experimental and more blues, much more blues.

Album release parties:
10/11 -  Brno, Hudební kavárna Stará Pekárna
16/11 -  Šumperk, festival Blues Alive


Narajama - Concurrere
Release date: 22 September 2017

Former prog-rock band, Narajama, released their last album, Convergere, in 2014 after a decade. The original line-up is supported by new percussion, used in several genres, also drawing from Moravian roots. On the new album, “Concurrere”, they continue with the sound of the cimbalom in a multi-genre concept of music: from Moravian folklore, through progressive rock, to modern jazz.


Traband - Přítel člověka (re-edition + 4 bonus tracks)

Release date: 16th October 2017

Ten years after releasing the album, Přítel člověka (i.e. Man’s Best Friend), Traband brings out their re-edition of the legendary album. This time, it will be packed in the standard digipack. The re-edition also includes very rare versions of four songs, recorded by Jarda Svoboda and the Clarinet Factory in the practice room before Traband got into the studio in 2007.

There will be special album release concerts announced. It won’t be the actual Traband, but a very special line-up of musicians under the guise of Jarda Svoboda performing not only tracks from the album, Přítel člověka. Further details coming soon.


Bombarďák – 3FO3

Release date: 6.10.2017

Do you feel like you’re getting old? That you can’t finish the record by Sepultura till the end? Bombarďák and their album, 3FO3 is right for you. You’ve never heard anything so crazy and sophisticated before. Just enough chords, Just enough lyrics and 19 hits. Bombarďák, Jiří Jelínek says: “The truth is that we’re actually four old men but the three musketeers were also four!” Witty and brisk songs that will charm both the fans of the previous two records of Bombarďák and also all the children and parents who like to laugh and dance.

Album release parties:
26/11 Brno, Café Práh
28/11 Praha, Divadlo Minor



Jakub Noha – Retrospektive 8CD

Release date: 20 November 2017

Two box sets, each containing four CDs. Altogether, eight albums reveal what an exceptional personality Jakub Noha is on the Czech music scene. This retrospective from the composer, lyricist, guitarist and singer maps his whole active musical period. Six albums will contain live concert recordings. One album will be full of really rare pieces and as a cherry on top of the cake, the debut recording of Jakub Noha is included in the collection - “Popelka jde na ples” (i.e. Cinderella goes to a ball), which has been released only on vinyl and has been unavailable for years.



Jiří Pavlica & Hradišťan - Pozdraveno budiž světlo
Release date: 1st December 2017


This album is a compilation of the most beautiful songs and christmas carols, recorded by Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan, about Advent and Christmas. The CD will be packed in a gift digipack, including, in addition to the well-known songs, several never released recordings of Hradišťan.



Mydy Rabycad - M.Y.D.Y.

Release date: 27 October 2017

The third studio album by Mydy Rabycad will feature not just their hit, Just Dance, but also all the great singles recorded at Red Bull Studios in Berlin. Since the release of their last album, Glamtronic, Mydy Rabycad have played at the legendary Glastonbury Festival, been on tour overseas and to Asia, also playing several European festivals including a recent great show at Lowlands. They also have been playing a lot on their home scene.

Album release parties:
9/11 Praham Lucerna Music Bar
30/11 Brno, Fléda


Zvíře jménem Podzim  - Zvíře jménem Podzim

Release date: 3 November 2017

The project of Jakub König (ex Obří broskev, Kittchen) is about beauty and the dangers of gloomy days, consisting of many great musicians from the contemporary indie scene. At a certain time, when the heart is controlled by Autumn melancholy, it touches every one of us. And this state is mapped by the beautiful and dreamy songs of the project, Zvíře jménem Podzim. Members: Jakub König, Marie Kieslowski, Marie Puttnerová, Aid Kid, Terezie Kovalová, Linda Arbanová, Tomáš Neuwerth, Tomáš Havlen, Ondřej Mataj, Veru Linhartová, Tereza Štětinová, Tomáš Obermajer, Ondřej Zátka, Andrea Jarolímková, Matěj Vejdělek, Adam Pakosta, Michaela Verbová, Markéta Monsportová.

Album release parties:
22/11 Brno, Fléda
23/11 Praha, Palác Akropolis
24/11 Plzeň


Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr - Z Radosti
Release date: 14 November 2017

Tomáš Kočko has been cooperating with the Radost Theater in Brno, which focuses on children, for many years.The new album, Z Radosti, brings songs from three fairy tales, which the theater has in its repertoire. The first one is from 2009 - "O Honzovi a zakleté princezně" (i.e. About Honza and Enchanted Princess), the other two are called "Pohádková píšťalka aneb Kutululů z Beskyd dolů" (i.e. Magic Flute aka Rolling Down Beskydy) and "Kubula a Kuba Kubikula".


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