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We have compiled a preliminary list of Indies Scope label titles prepared for this year, containing more than a dozen CDs, lots of singles and quite a few surprises.

The following list is only indicative at some points. One thing is certain already: New Year's Eve party and the beginning of 2017 will be pumped with the Dubstract remix of the Nero Scartch song 'Ghost'.

Among the first albums this year there will be 'Neboj' by JakubČermák  aka 'Cermaque', who released his single Ortely last December. On the album 'Neboj' both domestic and foreign guests cooperated, such as electronic producers Aid Kid, Jan Kratochvíl (DVA) or Nero Scartch.

Truly unique project will be presented in February - an album by the band 'Beránci a vlci'. Concert titled 'From the roots to world music', which took place at the Folk Holidays festival in 2015, eventually grew into making of a record, where no less than four bands met - Jitka Šuranská Trio, the Association of Independent Jazzmen, Women's Choir from Kudlovice and RukyNaDudy .

Another major record not only of the spring but also of the entire year will undoubtedly become the most recent work of the band Květy. After the 2015s fascinating record 'Miláček slunce' (awarded "Andel 2015 - best alternative record of the year") the band experienced significant personnel changes. Based on concerts of Kyšperský E. Martin, Aleš Pilgr and Ondřej Kyas trio, the fans are not the only ones with great expectations regarding the upcoming single.

Another author album will be from Brno. After the great 'Hotel v tiché ulici' from 2012 we can can (dvakrat) look forward to the songs of Ivo Cicvárek and Lady Šimičková. In the studio, they were assisted by Vilém Spilka (guitar), Petr Pospisil (bass), Jakub Šimáně (bass) and Radek Zapadlo (brasses).

In the first half of the year we expect another recording for children from the Yellow Sisters to appear on the shelves. This female vocal group released their first album at Indies Scope back in 2007 and the upcoming album builds on the very successful record 'Zvěřinec' from 2012. But Yellow Sisters are also preparing a new "grown-up" album, of which they shall publish only one single during 2017.

Tomáš Kočko also wrote a number of songs for children, which are usually played at the Radost theater in Brno . And because there is enough of them for a whole album, they will be re-mastered and released after the summer holidays of 2017.

A long-term project 'Anthology of Moravian folk music' is coming to an end. We are preparing the 8th and the last piece that completes the mapping of the contemporary forms of folk music-making in large and small Moravian folklore regions.

We'll keep focusing on Moravia. Musician Petr Pavlinec had previously introduced two musical instruments. First, melodic percussion instrument called marimbalom and subsequently, he combined the advantages of cymbals, chimes and metalofony - steel cimbalom. To what extent will these new tools play their role in the band  Musica Folklorica, we will find out thanks to the upcoming CD in the summer.

A major project that is being prepared and should appear on the shelves in the autumn months, is the retrospective set mapping the work of noted author, singer, guitarist and musician Jakub Noha. As in the last year's retrospective of Oldrich Janota called Ultimate Nothing, this time it should be released in a 8CD box as well.

There will be a fight between two projects for the title of "the most autumn Czech alternative band". The magnicifient project by Jakub König aka Kittches is called „Zvíře jménem Podzim“. The single  of the same title is finally accompanied by a videoclip and will be released in autumn later this year. Whole album will be released in exactly one year. Elektrofolk band Listolet is ready to retain their position of  the autumn band by releasing first music from their upcoming third album.

The highly anticipated Indie rock band Ghost of You will release a single track of their new upcoming album. We will wait to see a bunch of new singles and videos by Mydy Rabycad band, which  has become more and more famous worldwide.

New albums of the bands Android Asteroid and The Prostitutes will appear in the exclusive distribution by Indies Scope. The latter have recently published the single track Hypnotized.

The end of  2017 will be possibly in the sign of a lively album by the children's band Bombarďák. Their funny insight and wit is not something the hasty end of the year should be lacking of. Christmas peacefulness and lovely festive atmosphere will be taken care of by thematic recording of carols by Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan. More news and surprise are to come. Stay with us in 2017 and look forward to the supply of great new music.

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