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Is it possible nowadays to create a new viable musical instrument? Some time ago Petr Pavlinec (Musica Folklorica) introduced an instrument called a marimbalom (see below) and now has tried to create something new. He has assembled an instrument combining the advantages of a cimbalom, chimes and a metallophone. The steel cimbalom is a system of stainless steel plates of different lengths, flexibly mounted on the frame of the instrument. The sound is further amplified by the tuned tube resonators. Velvety jingling sounds with an almost four octave musical range makes the instrument an interesting alternative to the conventional large cimbalom. Listen to the tones of the steel cimbalom in the track Crystal Drops, which Petr Pavlinec wrote especially for this instrument and recorded in November with Musica Folklorica.




In spring 2016, Petr Pavlinec introduced unusual instrument:


  Cimbalom as a percussion instrument?

Petr Pavlinec, from (Musica Folklorica), has managed to answer this question. He created an instrument - the marmbalom - combining the advantages of a cimbalom and marimba (similar to a xylophone). It is a melodic percussion instrument. Unlike a cimbalom, the tone of a marimbalom is not created by the trembling strings but by the resonation of the wooden rectangular plates amplified by tuned metal cylinders. You can have a listen to the marimbolom in the following sample.



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