Europera is an international project which brings together more than 200 musically gifted young musicians from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, who get together in symphonic orchestra, choir and small chamber ensembles under the leadership of professional teachers and conductor.

Europera project was established in 1992 by the then director of the theater in Görlitz, the Professor Wolf-Dieter Ludwig. The word europera was created from the combination of words europa (Europe) and opera (Latin for activities, works, plural of the word opus). The purpose of this long-term project is not only acquisition of professional experience of starting artists, but also the cooperation of three different nations whose historical memory contains also negative experience resulting from mutual relationships and coexistence.

The Europera project offers to young musicians and singers the possibility of joint music-making and a chance to experience the atmosphere of rehearsals and concerts and also the possibility to get to know their peers from neighboring countries and learn about their culture and mentality and thus contribute to the formation of the future Europe.

The aegis of the project was since 2003 the non-profit organization“Euroregionales Kulturzentrum St. Johannis Zittau“ under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Peter Dierich, since 2012 the Hillersche Villa gGmbH has been the establisher of the project.


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