Jazz Famelija

About the Jazz Famelija formation
The style of Ida Kelarová’s formation Jazz Famelija is characteristic for connecting gipsy and jazz elements, gipsy harmonies and Latin-American rhythms with sound of jazz band. Ida Kelarová has invited the best Czech and Slovak musicians for cooperation; they represent the connection of gipsy musicianship tradition with the openness and innovation of young jazzmen.


Ida Kelarova  - voice
Desiderius „Dežo“ Dužda -  voice,  guitar     
Ondrej Krajňák - piano     
Tomáš „Kaštan“ Baroš - contrabass
Marián Ševčík - drums 

Ida Kelarova

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Desiderius Dužda „Dežo“viz. profile

Ondrej Krajňák (member of Jazz Famelija)

is piano virtuoso, composer, music artist and one of the most significant musicians of today. His father Ondrej Krajňák sr. was also significant professional pianist and the greatest teacher for Ondrej, he taught him the love of music. After he finished music school in Levice he started to fully study the jazz piano at Erkel Ferenc Music School in Budapest (HU) in class of Professor Robert Ratnoyi. When he was eighteen he represented the school in Jazz contest in Budapest where he won the “Award for Solo Performance”. Another special award came at another jazz contest in Poland. After he finished his studies he obtained a scholarship at world renowned Berkley College of Music in Boston (USA). Ondrej cooperates with many musical formations all around the world. Together with Ida Kelarová they founded the Jazz Famelija and they are successfully touring whole Czech and Slovak Republic.

Tomáš Baroš “Kaštan“ (member of Jazz Famelija)

Tomáš is one of the youngest talented string bassists on jazz scene. His life and music inspiration has always been his father Július Ďuso Baroš, a renowned trumpeter. He studied the classical string bass at Prague Conservatory under the supervision of Professor Květoslav Borovička. In 2003 he received the award “The Best Soloist” at The International Jazz & Blues Festival in Ústí nad Labem in the Junior Jazz contest. In 2004 he obtained the scholarship at Berkley College of Music in Boston.

Marián Ševčík (member of Jazz Famelija)

Marián is significant jazz musician not only in Slovakia and Czech Republic but also in entire Europe. He studied at Žilina Conservatory (SK) and at Classical Conservatory in Bratislava (SK), specializing in percussion. In 2008 he received the award “Jazzman of the Year”, which is being awarded in honor of Slovakian jazzman Ladislav Martoník.


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