Fru Fru

Fru Fru music is a coctail of world music, dance music and rock. Fru Fru use combinations of samplers and live grooves. In the lyrics FruFru comment the current state of our world by their view: sometimes in bizarre fantasy and othertimes full of criticism…

The band FruFru comes from Trebic in Moravia and was founded in September 2000 by Vaclav Bartos, who has worked together with performers such as Pavel Fajt and Iva Bittova. Originally, FruFru only grouped together occasionally for improvisational performances at exhibition openings and similar events.

In 2005 FruFru released their second album Don´t Believe in Silence by Indies records. The lyrics are by the leader Vaclav Bartos, then by the czech poets Ditmar Chmelar and Krystof Ewance plus two anonymous texts from the 16th century. The CD got into the polish distribution.

In 2003 FruFru released their debut album Material World. FruFru composed the music for the texts of Honza Volf, Allen Ginsberg, George Trakl, Vaclav Bartos… Only after the final arrangement were the songs then finally completed with all the band members together in their rehearsal room, a secluded house in the middle of a wood, named „Vostry“. Within the framework of the CD presentation, FruFru appeared on Czech TV, the music station TV Ocko, the Slovak Musicbox and on broadcasts of state and private radio stations. In 2004 the music magazine Report included one song of FruFru‘s onto its CD compilation Soundczech.


In January 2009 the third album called Až přiletí tučňák...was released. Many guest musicians participated in the recording, e.g. Gabriela Vermelho (Maraca – vocals, violin, kvinton), Dorotka Barová (Tarafuki – vocals, cello), František Kučera (ex-Čikori - trumpet, flugelhorn) and Jakub Vejnar (Baterky - Baterky, Aneta Lengerová) and others. For the song called Přijď the video was made in HaDivadlo Theater in Brno in October 2009; there are also famous actors of HaDivadlo, such as Tomáš Matonoha, Jiří Vyorálek or Maruna. The role of the expected loved girl who still hangs in bars was given to Gabriela Vermelho.

The actor Pavel Liška was so smitten by the song Já a já a já a já from this album that he decided to write a screenplay for the video and he ended up directing it and acting in it as well.  As his partner, he invited Tomáš Matonoha. The video which has been created for two years in Třebíč and Brno, was finished in July 2011. The screenplay was written by Pavel Liška, allegedly as his first recapitulation of his student years which were, as he suggests, associated with insecurity in love and also with complicated relationships between men and between women and men (e.g. student flare-up towards Tomáš Matonoha). The singer and composer of the band, Václav Bartošm, explains why the shooting took so unexpectedly long: “Both Pavel Liška and Tomáš Matonoha are very busy and the production of this big video was very demanding moneywise and time wise as well. For example, we had to find first a train and then a similar model train with a big model of countryside with horses and horsemen and so on…”


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