Lesní zvěř

Lesní zvěř (roughly translatable as Sylvan Game) are an adventurous band from Brno (Czech Republic), playing an energetic mixture of nu-jazz, acoustic drum'n'bass and psychedelia. Their compositions span from regular songs to purely improvised stuff, when they basically let the music spontaneously drive on in unintended directions, eventually ending up either in heavenly arcs of spiritual joy or in a roaring hell. "We do not perceive nu-jazz as a music necessarily connected with jazz in the historical sense of the word. It is more of a common ground, a starting point full of freedom and spontaneity, that is not limited by any definition of it as genre, and lets us wildly exploit our imagination."

The core of the band consists of Jiří Hradil (keyboards, flute), Martin Čech (drums and percussion), Miloš Rejsek (vocals, delay, jaw harp, melodica, kaoss), and Tomáš Pavla or Marek Steyer on trumpet.
The band got together in 2001 and have focused mainly on playing live, utilizing the concept of musical performance as a happening. They have gigged various prestigious venues in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany; e. g. Jazz Goes to Town festival (Hradec Králové 2005), New Jazz Days (Bratislava 2006) or Silent Friday (Stuttgart 2008), performing alongside with Peter Lipa, Al Jawalla or Cinematic Orchestra. They also took part in multimedia projects of Federico Diaz and David Kořínek, and created live alternate soundtrack for Alejandro Jodorowsky's masterpiece Santa Sangre.


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