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Vladimír Václavek

Indies Scope / 2003
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Vladimír Václavek publishes after ten years his second solo album, in the meantime he played in the band Dunaj, Rale, VRM and with Iva Bittová in the band Čikori. Vladimír Václavek ´s new record was being created in the music studio of Luboš Malinovský in Brno for almost a month. Vladimír Václavek set to music the lyrics of poets Bohuslav Reynek, F. G. Lorca, Antonín Přidal and some of his own. To his second record in order he invited guests J. Honzák - bass guitar, P. Binder - electric guitar, M. Bárta - saxophone, M. Dvořáček - percussions, M. Himerová - viola, and B. Cicka - vocalizing. Vladimír himself plays guitar, percussions, and sings on the CD. You will hear nine compositions that are musically related to White Inferno and the band VRM.


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