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Indies Scope / 2004
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The band finally answered a long-standing call of its fans for the record of the hot concert atmosphere that has accompanied the performance of –123 Min. since the origin of the band. Spring Stormware tour connected with the recording of the concerts bore fruit and the live album of –123 Min. emerged, and in the extended make-up with visiting musicians. There are songs from all three ordinary albums and also two never released songs on the CD. Latina influenced and in the concerts very requested „So Tre Ma Po“ and roughly and blues sounding „Dada Blues“. Funkyjazzrock machine makes it red-hot full steam and nice digipack underlines exceptionality of this project. "The record and the tour gave us the opportunity to hear the songs in new arrangements with excellent instrumentalists and it brought us unexpected music experience," comments on the record the band -123 Min.

Make-up of XL:
Zdeněk Bína- guitar, vocals
Fredrik Janáček- bassguitar, contrabass, vocals
Martin Vajgl- percussion instruments

Miloš Vacík (Tamtam Orchestra, Sluneční orchestr,...)- percussion
Zdeněk Zdeněk (Naima, Hana Hegerová, Vlasta Průchová)- keyboards
Michal Žáček (Jana Kirschner, Peter Lipa Band)- wind instruments


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