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Punky Dumky


Indies Scope / 2005
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After a four years´ pause, Benedikta is coming back with their new album Punky Dumky. In their music, rock is mixed not only with jazz but also with funky. However, an attentive (and knowing) listener recognises many more influences. These all found in one original and compact unity. The fact that Benedikta is strongly inspired by the Slavic folklore, often floats to the surface only through the central tune. Other time, the listener perceives it only thanks to the dialect of the texts. The band is based on the perfect rhytmics of the today´s Krucipusk (Vojta Douda – percussion, Jaryn Janek – bassguitar). The expression of the band arises out of the piercing and brave singing of Petra Váňová, who established the group with her sister Michaela (violin) some years ago. The rock feeling is brought into the band by the sharp or other times mewing guitar of Mark Tran. The sound of the band is finished by the percussion of Víťa Halška and the wind instruments (Marek Prokop is a special guest on this disc). The good impression that one has from Benedikta is emphasized by the beautiful and juicy sound which originated in one of the best Czech studios – Sono Records, produced and directed by Jaryn Janek and Milan Cimfe.


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