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Na Horňácko

Horňácká cimbálová muzika Petra Galečky

Indies Scope / 2021
Genres: folklor
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Painted Year in Horňácko For Dulcimer Music

The new record, Na Horňácko, connects images and songs of the distinctive Moravian region. With his unique poetics, the painter František Pavlica created paintings depicting contemporary life and the sustaining of Moravian folk traditions. Horňácká dulcimer music by Petr Galečka from Lipov compiled and recorded a set of songs for each picture. This created an original calendar that sensitively combines the visual and musical legacy of the unique Horňácko region. In addition to Horňácko Dulcimer Music of Petr Galečka, the Little Women's Choir from Lipov, the Chotár Men's Choir, the Lipovjan Choir and the legendary Horňácko singer Eva Grombířová also took part in the recording.


Painter, artist and printer František Pavlica, who comes from Hroznová Lhota, painted pictures for a calendar called Na Horňácko in 2019, which captures the sustaining of traditions and contemporary life of this locality. "The sung songs fade away and disappear. I still see those František's songs, embodied in an artistic form and frame. The people depicted on them walk on the paths taken by their ancestors. Those footpaths are no longer visible under the overflow of asphalt and concrete. But they haven't disappeared, they're just secretly waiting for us to get quite lost and not know where to go. Then they will help us find our way," Jiří Jilík confides in an accompanying word.


Horňácká dulcimer music by Petr Galečka from Lipov compiled and recorded a thematic set of songs based on the motifs of each painting by František Pavlica. The calendar covers folk traditions and landscapes, such as carnival, mowing of orchid meadows, the Great Fair, the Kuželov mill, traditional feasts, Advent and Christmas. Thirteen compositions accompany the listeners throughout all the seasons and thus connect the world of image and music. The narrative digipak, of course, also contains all 13 pictures from the calendar, and an oil painting by František Pavlica - Vojšice was used on the cover.


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