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Vlna za vlnou

Ivo Viktorin

Indies Scope / 2005
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Ivo viktorin – Vlna za vlnou (Wave after wave)
Ivo Viktorin, known mainly from the AG Flek band releases his first solo album after 25 years of active performing on our music stage. This long waiting has paid up though. The composer, singer and multi instrumentalist recorded most of the instruments himself he but still invited his colleague from AG Flek, singer Blanka Táborská, bass was recorded by Petr Vavřík, Josef Vojtášek and Martin Gašpar, Honza Machala took charge of the percussion, Marek Šlapanský and Peter Solárik, Iva Bittová and Stano Palúch played the piano, Luboš Malina contributed with Irish flute, Luboš Novotný recorded two songs with lapsteel and Petr Hoffman took hold of the guitar. From the first tones, it is clear that the typically peaceful compositions of the old, good AG Flek, dreamy moods coming out of the exceptionally harmonized combination of acoustic guitars and keys and the silky alto of Blanka Táborská singing multilayered authorial texts rank to the strongest moments of this remarkable album. This album resembles more multi genre projects of Marek Knopfler or Norah Jones more that Czech folk music thanks to its pleasant atmosphere with a bit of nostalgia.


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