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Život je pulsující píseň

Vladimír Václavek & Miloš Dvořáček

Indies Scope / 2007
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Vladimír Václavek is no doubt one of the best Czech musicians and now he is publishing a new album, this time in a pair with Miloš Dvořáček. The album entitled Život je pulsující píseň (Life Is a Pulsating Song), is a result of long-term mutual cooperation. Vladimír Václavek is one of the most striking figures of so-called Brno alternative scene and his musical career is quite abundant. Together with Pavel Fajt or Iva Bittová he was one of leading authors of Brno alternative scene. He met Miloš Dvořáček in the almost jazz ensemble of Iva Bittová called “Čikori” and later they founded the V.R.M., which crystallized into this duo, perfectly pulled together.

The last two solo albums (Ingwe and Písně nepísně (Songs-Nonsongs) were published by Vladimír Václavek with the help of many guests and the music was inspired by mythological stories of North American Indians, Inuit and by stories of ancient China. Eastern motifs have been present in music and texts of Vladimír Václavek for long. “There was a period in my life when I was deeply interested in Eastern culture. I have no idea where it came from. If I wanted to explain it somehow, I would have to use the syntax of the Eastern culture itself. However, what I was engaged in, were the roots of this culture, and nowadays life is very different both in the West and in the East. And the new world needs a new description. This concerns the shift in perceiving, which I have spoken of. When someone asks me about my inspiration, I have answered in the same way for a few years already, because I haven’t found anything better. It is life itself that inspires me.” Therefore it is no surprise that a number of ethnic tunes are present in the new album Život je pulsující píseň.

An asset of the new album is a high authorial share by Miloš Dvořáček. The basis of the album still remains Václavek’s guitar, lightly illustrating the theme melody and almost recitative, quiet way of singing with the accent given on meaning and resonance with music. The earthy melodic core is then spontaneously developed by the talented percussionist Miloš Dvořáček. “Apart from two songs brought by me, we worked on the album together. Our preparation lasted several years and both of us had to change ourselves and our views on what music is.” Another difference from Ingwe is greater playfulness, radiating from the music, which is another asset of Miloš Dvořáček. “Playfulness and spontaneity are Miloš’ natural qualities. Playfulness and joy. I also managed to enjoy the feeling of life with more lightness. Very bearable lightness of being. All this is reflected in the album.”


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