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The River Spring


Indies Scope / 2007
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The rock sound of Nil band is based on the self-confident expression of the excellent singer Hanka Kosnovská, who on this album gives masterly impression supported by well coordinated trio in the classical rock configuration – guitar, bass, and percussions. “The word ‘rock’ best expresses the music made by Nil,” says the leader of Nil Honza Končický. “As for inspiration, the music that we listen to ourselves is sure to stay in our minds, such as LIVE, PEARL JAM, ANOUK, INCUBUS...”
The debut album of a talented rock quartet Nil, entitled THE RIVER SPRING is characterized with rock compactness and it was recorded under the producer’s supervision by Petr Slezák in Citrón Studio. They did not invite any guests to the studio.
“We did not think of guests. It simply did not occur to us. This is the first album of Nil. I think not many people know us and we have a lot of work to do on ourselves, so that we have not considered guest performance. Never say never, but in the foreseeable future we do not plan any guests, not even at concerts.” You will find straightforward and melodic compositions, which are entirely the band’s own works.
Nil wants to concentrate upon the presence now, upon the spreading of the album amongst rock fans, and it holds on to the reality. “We’d better not plan anything. We shall try to get people know the album and to have as many concerts as possible. If it goes well, we shall add another album in the future…”


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