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Screamin´ The Blues

Hoochie Coochie Band

Indies Scope / 2006
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Hoochie Coochie Band: Screamin’ The Blues

The third album of a free and easy blues band, concentrated around the guitar player and singer Jan Švihálek, will surprise with authentic acoustic sound from Neumann microphones under the motto “Back to Roots”. The band plays nice old rhythm & blues in an intentionally simple and straightforward manner and without any philosophical decorations. There are the band’s own compositions in English, and a few things taken over from Jimmy Reed, Chester Burnett and Sonny Boy Williamson. Even with a minimal cast (guitar, bass, percussions, harmonica) the result gives an impression of an energetic, sensuous and easy music, to which you will at least tap, if not exactly dance. As for genre, this is music as if cut out from the turn of the 1950’s and 1960’s free world and is utterly communicative; a bluesman makes do with blues groove, feeling and statement “I love my baby”. More words are not necessary. All musicians in Hoochie Coochie Band have a feel and respect for the genre and interpret it in a stylish way. The singer Jan Švihálek knows very well that there is not much sense in exact imitation of black blues voices. Instead, he finds his own way of interpretation, without weakening the feeling, style and a certain detachment. The CD goes with a video clip to the song “I’m the Good One”.


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