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Mezi lopatky
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The album ‘Mezi Lopatky‘ by the Czech duo Kieslowski (Marie Kieslowski and Jan P. Muchow) was already released in September 2014. From a musical window they translates their music into a timeless album.

In a contemporary setting, where electric and acoustic instruments create a mysterious colour, the duo Kieslowski put you into a special atmosphere; sometimes dreamy as well as a striking mood. The songs are based on folk melodies and interspersed with various effects (reverb / tremolo). That variation is per song, but sometimes also in the verse / chorus structure with lovely unexpected changes that makes it so exciting. Their music is original and through the use of various instruments and effects also adventurous. Kieslowski plays guitars, keyboards, drums and synthesizers and is assisted by a number of guest musicians. They both sing in Czech about love, pain and parting, solo and harmonic voicings. Magnificent is the silence in ‘Normandie‘ (with melodica), the shining melody of ‘Obraz‘, the use of the oscillator in ‘Postele’ which makes you feel like tones are floating ‘back and forth’ (also in ‘Orange Box’). ‘Mezi Lopatky’ makes you wonder sometimes: ‘What is going on in the music?’ That’s precisely which makes this third album by Kieslowski so nice and worth listening!

© Mattie Poels.

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