Reprezent - (EN)

fotka's Reprezent is a celebration of Gypsy music, people, and culture.  Despite language barriers, one can still appreciate the passion in his hip-hop music.  The danceable, "Benga Beating," has a catchy melody mixed with an exquisite, ethnic violin line.  On "Barvoslepeg Svět," has a really smooth flow, and "Dokud Dejchám" has a great street groove to it.  "Večernice" has a real mellow beat with excellent singing vocals, while the darker sounding, "Amen Savore," is extremely passionate.  The English-spoken, "Amenca," speaks of Gypsy pride, and the title track, "Reprezent," is Gypsy gangster rap at it's finest.  "Na Cigánské Svatbe" is lively, and "Dobrý Den" is jazzy with a unique, fun beat.  The middle verse in English on "Love Love" talks about money and betrayal by friends.  "Gejza Ušti" has a crazy fast beat with traditional accordion and fiery violin.  On "Udělej Něco," raps hard and even sounds similar in style to American gangster rap.  "Vítej" is in an interesting 6/8 meter, and the bonus track, "A Na Závěr Si S Námi Dejte Trochu Té Čunárny" has an almost show tune quality to it.  A wonderfully, unique CD!


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