Auris - Eelco Schilder - (English)

fotka Tara Fuki is a duo from the Czech Republic which concentrates on vocals and violoncello music. This Auris is their third cd and somehow a different one than the previous two. This cd is inspired on travels the duo made and that can be heard. Besides influences from the east of Europe, a song like Słoneczko has Indian influences and other songs have some African and Arabic percussion weaved throughout the music. Besides that a jazz sound pops up now and than. I think Auris is very different than their previous cd�s. The first two, Piosenky do snu and Kapka, were sober and very basic cd�s with a mystical atmosphere. I remember on Kapka a fantastic haunting cello part that still drives me crazy when I hear it. On Auris the band tries new ways and has a more modern approach. They also work with a group of guest musician that brings a new challenge. To be honest, I preferred the more basic sound; it made the two musicians more creative. A song like Czerwone jabłuszko shows exactly what I mean. Easy programming with a jazzy trumpet mixed through the song, it has been done so many times before and often it doesn�t add a thing to the music. Then I rather have Majli where the programming is much more subtle and effective. After this you might think I don�t like Auris a lot, well, actually it�s a good cd but compared to their previous work I think it�s the lesser one. But I�m sure for others this cd will open the way to the unique sound of Tara Fuki.
Eelco Schilder

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