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After having had lots of guest on the previous and third album, the cello duo consisting of Konstankiewicz-Nazir (who also appeared on BOO, Rale etc. ) and Dorota Barová (also part of the Vertigo Quartet, Kuzmich Orchestra, DoMa Ensemble etc. ), now returns to some roots of inspirations that could work on stage. This comes down to a very stripped sensibility, where the cello adds bass rhythm and simple melody, room for voice improvisation. The atmospheres becomes as if having its own partly ambient atmosphere (4) or become more percussive, like African thumbpiano (3), leaving room for dual harmonies or chamber-like harmonies. There are a few new instruments tried as well. The fifth track improvises on the Han, an instrument with a steelpan-like sound, with more, rather ethereal vocal improvisations on top. A few tracks have sparse percussion by Daniel Šoltis (Vertigo Quartet) on drums, and I have heard some accordion. Lyrically they fall back for two songs from the Polish poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński who lived in Warsaw during World War II. All other songs are in Polish too, most of it from a rather sad or quiet nature. The band is on tour and has gigs in Belgium as well.

Gerald Van Waes

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