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Those who do not "get" Czech rock music after listening to the names frequently brandished by the radio might want to listen to the work of Brno-based artists like Pavel Fajt and Vladimír Václavek. These two musicians not only founded the innovative 1980s rock band Dunaj, but also collaborated with singer Iva Bittová on Bílé Inferno, arguably her best work to date. With more than eight albums to his credit, Václavek has returned this year with the concept album Edel. From the Viking ship encased in ice on the album cover to the electric guitars, gentle percussion and four-part chants sung in Czech and German, Edel points to a distant time when wooden ships rode rivers shared by Slavonic and Teutonic tribes. Rather than attempting a storyline, Edel's eight tracks are bathed in musical and lyrical impressionism. Helping Václavek in this effort are German composer and guitarist Frieder Zimmermann and drummers and vocalists Miloš Dvořáček and Matthias Macht. Although Zimmermann is a student of Robert Fripp, the music on Edel owes less to strident progressive rock minimalism than it does to playful jazz.

 Darrell Jónsson


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