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The music video and release of the song "Kdyby" was the first invitation to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the songwriting duo Tara Fuki. The celebrations include the release of a new album called "Motyle".

Release Date - Friday 13th November. (FREE CD Dorota Barova for each Pre-order)


Tara Fuki are two women, two voices, two cellos and very intimate music. Their songs for two wooden bodies interlaced by caressing sound of Polish language create a fragile web of tones which, by a wave of a bow, can change into a dangerous trap. The first Czech band ever at the music fair WOMEX 2007 in Spain. The last CD Winna brings the duo back to their roots, got amazing reviews.


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Tara Fuki have been recording their sixth album, but you can count the Czech lyrics of their songs on the fingers of one hand. Although Polish is a bit of their "home language", this time it's different for the first song released from the upcoming album. "This song was created by the current inspiration from Tomáš Tajchner's poems. It was one of those rare moments when a melody emerged from somewhere while reading, and only then was the cello added," says Andrea Konstankiewicz, adding: "On the upcoming album, we continue with the language tradition that has always characterized Tara Fuki. It is mostly in Polish, but this time, three songs in Czech will also appear on it."

Tara Fuki shot a beautiful, poetic music video in the beautifully crumbling building of a former spa. But due to the current situation, both the music video and the recording were almost not created. Andrea has been living permanently in France and, as she admits, it is now a major complication for any planning: "No one knows what measures will be taken, and this is further complicated by the fact that we are actually an international band dependent on open borders and functional airlines. The album “Motyle” was originally scheduled to be recorded in March, but my three-month quarantine in France caused it to be recorded in July. And in fact, it wasn't known until the last moment if I was to be able to arrive, because the tickets were constantly canceled. We will be happy if we manage to celebrate the 20 years together, as we have planned."



Piosenki do snu, 2001

Kapka, 2003

Auris, 2007

Sens, 2010

Winna, 2014

The Best of Tara Fuki, 2015

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