Helena and Jiri Vedral

have rich experience in classical, folk, jazz and rock music. Since 1992 they have been interested mostly in interpretation and arrangement of Czech and Moravian folklore. Their last project is the band MUZIGA playing especially folk songs from a small part of Moravia called Walachia. During last years they also give themselves up to the songs from Asia, together with Chinese singer Feng-jun Song. From their arrangements we can feel recpect to the old songs on one hand and inspiration by musical material on the other, the original song is many times only the gate to their own original work, which is because of its typical style difficult to classify.

With their personal musical concept they celebrated success within the tour around USA, England, Poland, Spain, and Portugal.

Helena Vedralová and Muziga

"The most often we play and sing the songs from Moravian Wallachia. It is the region, where my parents and forefathers were born and where they lived hard but full lives, there are places of my childhood, which I intimately know. There is the soil, which I helped to cultivate, and where we worked and had rest singing. There is the house where we slept nine in one room, and where our granddad narrated to us before bed, how it used to be there in ancient times. We were living these stories again and again in our dreams and these dreams and my violin have been inspiring me to the present..."


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