KIESLOWSKI is a new project of a musician known as DKP who was in Bez peří and Houpací koně bands and he is also a member of the backing band of Xavier Baumaxa. With the pianist Maria Kieslowski he forms a duo that relies on the intimacy and rawness of the basic acoustic guitar sound, piano and contrast of two tonally distinctive voices.  The album Tiché lásky is a fragile, intimate confession about loves that we hold deep inside. Everything is wrapped in bold melodies with poetic and honest lyrics – Kieslowski is love for a lifetime.



18.10. (zítra) Kieslowski Olovouc
19.10. Kieslowski Valašské Meziříčí
20.10. Kieslowski Opava
15.11. Kieslowski Bratislava, Slovakia
16.11. Kieslowski Košice, Slovakia
17.11. Kieslowski Prešov, Slovakia
29.11. Kieslowski Praha
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