Jananas are the singer Jana Infeldová, guitarist Jan Vávra and bassist Jaromír Fulnek. They first came into the spotlight at the largest Czech folk festival Zahrada where they received a prestigious award in 2009. In the same year, the band made it to the top ten of the RGM Live Space contest with over 400 competing bands. The song Zapatama was declared the best song in the Inkubátor hit parade on the i-legalne.cz server.

Jana Infeldová – the lead vocalist – graduated in dramatic acting at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). She appeared as a guest performer at the Prague ABC Theatre and later in Viola Theatre. She drew attention to herself as an actress in the part of a brash Markéta in the series Rodinná pouta (Family Ties) on TV Prima. She witnessed the birth of the Czech Radio station Leonardo as an anchorwoman. She was preparing and moderating radio broadcasts focusing on science and technology. She also moderated the highly successful joint project of the Czech Television and Czech Radio Odhalení (The Revealed) that won a prestigious BBC award for the best natural sciences documentary at the Wildscreen Bristol Festival. She is a successful writer of lyrics.

Jan Vávra – guitarist – a producer and occasionally a columnist, he takes part in non-commercial cultural projects and he has been a promoter of independent music concerts since 2005. He has been recently engaged in cultural politics and promotion of culture. He also coordinates the independent initiative Za Česko kulturní (For Cultural Czechia). He feels about folk as a sort of relaxation.

Jaromír Fulnek – bassist – he graduated in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Economics in Prague. He works as a business manager of an IT company that develops new applications for mobile phones. He originally comes from Krnov where he continues to lead the local big band. His activities earned him the award of the “cultural personality of the town of Krnov” for 2008. How many musical instruments this talented multi-instrumentalist has mastered so far remains unknown to this day.


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