Eggnoise is a Czech music group formed around the co-authors Ondra Kopička and Ondřej Galuška composing and performing their own music. Eggnoise received 3 nominations for their album ALBUMEN at the Just Plain Folks 2009 music awards. They are authors of the soundtrack to the Holy Quaternity film by Oscar nominee director Jan Hrebejk. Eggnoise have also toured with Lenka Dusilova, one of Czech Republic's most critically acclaimed singers.

The band was formed around 1994 and has been developing in every way ever since. The trajectory of its passing through such styles as grunge, punk, rock, jazz and pop is guided by a centrifugal tendency. It is not possible to remain in one place and yet it is no more possible to leave old territories. Eggnoise's CD ALBUMEN demonstrates this centrifugal tendency well, being itself an explosion of styles and heterogeneous approaches to music yet at the same time bearing the trace of a singular style of song-writing. The band has already released four albums. The first, named WHAT A WORLD, came out in 2003 on the Columbia label and received a nomination for the best jazz and blues album by the Czech Academy of Popular Music. Whereas the first album has a mainly acoustic character, ALBUMEN incorporated modern sounds and effects. On this album eggnoise collaborated with top Czech and Slovak producers and musicians such as Martin Gaspar, Peter Binder, Daniel Salontay, Vladimir Pecha, Dusan Lipert and Jaromir Honzak. The album received 3 nominations at the Just Plain Folks 2009 music awards, the biggest independent music awards in the world. The third album is called YOLK. It is still experimental like ALBUMEN, but it is more mature and unified. The greater presence of female vocals and various layered vocals in general is one distinguishing mark of this album. This time the list of guests includes names of musicians from abroad as well, such as Samantha Twigg Johnson or Mike Anklewicz.
The current album, named simply 4, continues in the line of development of the previous records, perhaps being less experimental in character to allow more space for the art of song-writing of the two co-authors to come to the fore. Most of the songs were part of the soundtrack to the Holy Quaternity, a film which debuted at the Toronto film festival. Some songs have Czech lyrics, the rest are in English. The record is released by the independent label Indies Scope.

Eggnoise were also appreciated for their live act by audiences around Europe, as their concerts are always unique and full of energy and humour. They have performed with such artists as dEUS, the Levellers and Longital.


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