are Karel Krtička on guitar, Miloš Rejsek singing, playing harmonica and accordion, Alois Ponížil blowing horns, Martin Zaplatílek on bass frequentions and Dan Petr behind a basic drum set.

A post-rock musical assembly from Brno, Czech Republic. The albums of the band are emotional blueprints, some raw and documentary some psychedelic and rock polished elaborated studio takes and mixes. The mixture defines unique universe of this wonderful music. Concerts of SFT provide stream of unchained raw energy mixed with slow melancholic mood.

Amorous Fruit 1998
Hunting Season 2001
Blood & Milk 2006
CD Tamto 972
4 Válec 1997

1994 - 1998
The core of the band got together in 1994, and consists of Karel, Dan (originally playing bass) and Miloš, who joined previous two little bit later. Rest of the members varied, as the founding members were endlessly looking for another suitable musicians, trying to create a special and unique sound. With coming of Martin Zaplatílek (bass) and Alois Ponížil (who used to play french horn and drums in a folk brass band) in 1997.
From the very beginning group concentrated on writing strong songs with clear melodies, arranging them intuitively into some kind of emotional soundscapes, the music in the early stage was mixture of blues, and noisy alternative. As the music is the result of co-operation of all the members, lyrics are written exclusively by Miloš Rejsek, following peculiar poetics of a young soul lost in an urban landscape.

1998 - 2000
A few SFT recordings appeared on various samplers e.g. Tamto 972 or alternative sampler of Indies Records. In December 1998 SFT finally did release (in co-operation with Czech mag TAMTO REVUE) their first regular album called Amorous Fruit.
The album was recorded and mixed in summer 1998 with participation of guest musicians on trombone, vibraphone and synthesizer. On this edition of the album are included two remixes made by member of the EBM project Bullerbyne. The music captured on the album could be depicted as original mixture of blues, chanson, alternative rock and jazz, but it reached borderlines of various other genres.

2001 - 2003
In October 2000 were SFT recording material for their second album called HUNTING SEASON, all was done under supervision and with great help of a great man and experienced musician Colin Stuart (Colorfactory, Aftermath DB). The recording took place in Oslavany, in a fabulous building of former monastery. Small town of Oslavany is situated in a former black coal mining area, it is a town with no cheer. Recorded material was mixed in Barrandov studios in Prague. The album was released in 2001 on the Escape label of Monitor/EMI. The resulting album is very live and almost documentary. Subsequent Hunting Season promo tour took bands to various in Czech Republic and Germany.

2004 - 2007
Still restlessly gigging the band members found themselves on the brim of their mental powers and decided to have a rest for a few months in the middle of 2004 what resulted in a year of seldom concert activity. Autumn 2006 found the band together again in the studio of a kin musical adventures Nierika, where the most part of the third album was conceived. The album was called Blood and Milk produced by Dušan Neuwerth and was published in March 2006 by Indies Records. The Blood ad Milk tour was connected with Poison on your Spoon tour of Nierika resulting in Blood and Poison tour 2006.


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