Since the beginning of the 1990s, he has played the guitar in Prague music clubs. The group of people which formed around the legendary Bunkr club continually identified his future co-musicians. In the 1990s he participated on the work of Kollerband, Pusa, Pan Pot, Bára Basiková Band and others.
At the turn of the millennium he joined the Monkey Business project, which proved to be the most important decision of his. He has stayed in Monkey Business until now and they are his mother band. In spite of this, in recent years, he has been trying to find realization of those compositions of his, which do not suit the repertoire of his band. This is e.g. the STABILITY project (with M. Chyška, J. Jakubec, and R. Vícha) or the present OKREJ project.


Member of bands:Kollerband (1993,nová sestava 2003)
Pan Pot (1994-99)
Bára Basiková band (1995 – 1996)
Pusa (1996 – 1997)
Jesus Christ Superstar 1996-2000
Monkey business (2000 - …)
NOD (new orchestra of dream Š.Smetáčka 1995,2006--7)
StabilityITY (2007 - … )


Albums:Kollerband - David Koller 1993
Oskar Petr - Krev, bláto, slzy 1994
Bára Basiková - Lhát se musí 1996
Pusa (Koller, Dusilová) 1996
PAN POT 1997
Meky Žbirka - MEKY1997
Na kloboučku I, II, III (M. Pavlíček) 1995-99
Jesus Christ Superstar 1996-2000
Lenka Dusilová - Lenka Dusilová 2000
Bára Basiková - Tak jinak 2001
Monkey business - Why Be IN When You Could Be OUT 2000
Monkey business - Why Be OUT When You Could Be IN 2002
Monkey business - Save the robots 2003
Kollerband 2003 (1x CD,1x DVD dual)
Crushingbliss 2004
Oskar Petr - Fabrica Atomica 2004
Vlasta Horváth 2005
Monkey business - DVD
Monkey business - Resistance is futile 2005
Monkey business - Kiss me on my ego 2006
Monkey business - Objects Of Desire And Other Complications 2007
Monkey business - DVD
Tereza Černochová 2007

Soundtracks:Poslední přesun 1995



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