100°C leads bravely it’s music to new century. Each song of 100°C tries to avoid all usual clichés. The original mixture of musical instruments and styles brought big attention to 100°C style. Real popularity of 100°C was started in 2003 when the band won Coca Cola Popstar competition (among several hundreds of other talented newbies at Czech musical scene). Since endowment of 100°C in 1996 band released two albums at Sony BMG record label (Evergreen and Collage). They sold more than 7 thousand CD’s at small Czech and Slovak market.

The latest album Brant Rock was released at Indies Recordings in 2008 and all music critics were very surprised by new energy and fresh inspiration of the band. First single from Brant Rock called “Cream” won TV chart Meduza (Czech television) and in another TV chart T-Music (TV Ocko) Cream stayed in TOP 5 for four weeks in a row. However it’s not the positive reviews or TV charts what makes band what it is.  100°C has a lots of fans in Czech Republic. The first big tour of 100°C in 2003 was seen by more than 10 thousand people in all major cities in band’s little but beautiful home country.

100°C concerts belongs, thanks to unbelieveable spontaneous show and original visual appearance, to the most attractive performances you can see in Czech or Slovak music scene. The 100°C band is not performing just in Czech Republic though. Their shows were seen by fans in Berlin, Paris, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.


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