Kusy - Gerald Van Waes (Eng)

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Zuby nehty

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I am glad to notice that there’s another band performing in the chamber/folk/rock/pop style that refers to a talent and vision unique to a certain area in the Czech Republic, an ability to combine a dedication typical for a classical music education, to a setting of pop music with chamber music-like capacities so that the style in the end is worth listening to in any country even when not understanding a word of the lyrics: the singing and words have become completely adapted into and have become a musical element as well. The band has a female vocalist. The vocal harmonies that are added in many tracks have something of Slavic folk music, and are rich in colour and timbre. All songs are driven heavily by rhythm (drums), with different styles and interesting tempo changes, with extra arrangements by flute or two saxes. The music is vivid and changes vividly, with sophistication and power, uplifting the pop/rock style to a level of something extraordinary. Very enjoyable! ​

Gerald Van Waes


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