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Use of Documents

„Indies Scope Records" grants its permission for use of any text information, or possibly complete documents (project documentation, case studies, press releases and other text information), from this www server (hereinafter referred to as the „server, web, www pages“) only if:

1. all copies used contain the bellow-mentioned declaration on copyright protection and this permission
2. the documents from this web are used for information and for non-commercial purposes only, documents may possibly be used for personal purposes
3. the documents are never copied or placed on any other server or in any computer connected to the Internet or a corporate computer network
4. the documents from this web are not transferred to other freely available media and published on any other "classic" media
5. the documents are not changed or modified in any way
6. the use of information and documents for any unauthorized purpose is expressly prohibited, such conduct may result in serious civil-law and criminal-law sanctions, offenders shall be prosecuted at the maximum extent possible

The above-mentioned documents and terms and conditions do not include the graphic design or the layout of these web pages. The components of this presentation are protected by copyright and may not be copied or imitated, either as a whole or as parts. No logotypes, graphic and audio files or visual components from this www presentation may be copied without express permission of “Indies Scope Records”.

Scope of Liability

Although publishing precise and latest information on these web pages is a basic objective of “Indies Scope Records”, no guarantees are provided as to topicality of this information. “Indies Scope Records” shall not be liable to any client or a visitor of these pages for any typing errors, grammatical mistakes or other omissions in the content of this www page. If as a consequence a typing or other error an incorrect price of or information about any of the products is stated, “Indies Scope Records” reserves the right to reject or cancel any orders of such an incorrectly described product regardless whether such order was confirmed or not. If any of the products offered by “Indies Scope Records” does not correspond to the description given here, the customers are only entitled to return such product and “Indies Scope Records” shall refund the money.


Limitation of Liability

“Indies Scope Records” and/or its individual suppliers do not guarantee suitability of the information contained on these www pages and in the documents or related graphic images and/or software published on the web for any purpose. All such documents and related graphic images are provided in their present state without any warranty and may be modified without notice. Any risk connected with the use thereof shall be born by the recipient. In no case shall “Indies Scope Records” and/or its individual suppliers be liable for damages or their compensation, not even if “Indies Scope Records” have been informed on the possibility of their occurrence.

Consumer Contracts

Consumer contracts on the purchase of goods via these www pages concluded under Civil Code (Consumer Contracts) shall be subject to the rules of this Code, supplemented by the General Terms and Conditions of “Indies Scope Records”.



Any software available on this web for download is an authorial work of “Indies Scope Records” and/or its suppliers. Use of the software shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement, if any, that is attached to the software or forms a part thereof (hereinafter referred to as the “License Agreement”). End-users shall not be permitted to install the software to which the License Agreement is attached or of which it forms a part without having agreed with its contractual terms and conditions at first.


“Indies Scope Records” and/or the names of the products and companies mentioned herein may be or are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


Links to Pages of Third Parties

“Indies Scope Records” adequately surveys the pages linked, but is not liable for the content of these third entity pages or any link provided on such pages to any extent. The links to the third entity pages are provided only for your convenience. By inserting such links “Indies Scope Records” does not agree with the content of such pages.

Promotion and Time-limited Sales

All time-limited sales are conditioned by the availability and stock balance of goods. “Indies Scope Records” reserves the right to make any changes, modifications or cancellations of such sales anytime without prior notice.

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