BraAgas has played together since January 2007, but all members have many experiences with this music genre from their previous projects. The band has already played many concerts in the Czech republic and around the world (Rainforest world music festival 2010 on Borneo island, EBU Folk Music Festival 2009 in Germany, France, Spain, Hungary) and released « hide
four CD´s (No. 1 in 2007, No. 2 Media Aetas in 2008, Tapas 2009 and Fuerte 2012). The band became a winner of Ceská sporitelna Colours Talents 2009 music competition and was awarded Czech music award Andel 2009 in world music category for CD Tapas (Indies Scope, 2009) and nominated for CD Fuerte (Indies Scope 2012) as well.
BraAgas really tries to use the huge variety of songs from different places in their arrangements. An interesting sound is based on ethnic and historical instruments (cister, fiddle, shawns, chalumeaux, different knids of flutes and oriental percussion etc.), temperament rhytms make you dance and all over these you can hear four beautiful women vocals exactly fitting needs of each song.



"Yallah" - 2014 (Indies Scope)
"Fuerte" - 2012 (Indies Scope)
"Tapas" - 2009 (Indies Scope)
"No.2 - Media Aetas" - 2008 (Own edition)
"No.1" - 2007 (Own edition)

BraAgas 2017:

Kateřina Göttlichová

Karla Braunová

Michala Hrbková

Michaela Krbcová

Jan Hrbek

Sp. guests Bety Josefy, Daniela Bryndová

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